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Whoops, I never did a proper !

I often describe myself as a:
* of fiction … I write and perform stories
* chronicler of foibles … I am an online
* wrangler of chaos … I am a and database designer

My about page has more:

What I'm up to now:

Do you track the books you’re reading? 📚 If so, do you use pen and paper, your own website, your public library catalog, or an app like LibraryThing, The StoryGraph, Readng, or Goodreads?

Whew, 60% done and it’s looking less like a big triangle and more like a cozy wrap! 🧶 Now it warms my lap while I knit.

Comparing fountain pen nibs: Architect, calligraphy medium, 1.0mm stub, and medium. 🖋 I love all four for different reasons!

This triangle garter wrap is knitting up nicely. 🧶 Measurements indicate I’m about 40% done, and already getting some good draping action. Cozy times ahead!

Many years ago, I had to switch to a gluten-free diet due to a medical condition. These are the resources and cookbooks that have helped me enjoy my gluten-free life! 📚 🥘

Michigander who just called the Portland snowstorm “weaksauce” on the 10 o’clock news, I love you. 😂

I made my 200% move goal … falling down the basement stairs. (I’m fine, just a little bruised!)

📚 Read: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey ★★★★☆ A solid start to a fun and fast-paced space opera. I enjoyed reading it about the same amount as watching S1 of “The Expanse” but for different reasons.

I found some fluffy wool in my stash with no label and decided to make a quick seed-stitch cowl with it. 🧶

Remembering Gabriel over the golden milk smoothie I made for breakfast. Turmeric always makes me miss him. I feel guilty for being relieved that he didn’t have to add this pandemic to the list of things he tried to survive.

Today was a busy day at the library so I missed out on Inauguration Day coverage. But for the first time in years I got to focus on work without thinking about the former president at all. That felt good. More of that, please.

Knitting lowers my blood pressure. 🧶 The repetitive motions are soothing, plus I can’t doomscroll with needles in each hand!

Getting back into knitting with a little something for brighter days. 🧶

Thank you to everyone who has reached out about the officer-involved shooting and ensuing protest in Tigard. My heart is heavy as my community grieves. I wish I had answers, and I wish I knew what to say.

Just wrapped up the final monthly reflection and the yearly reflection in my 2020 Passion Planner. It was a brutal and heartbreaking year in so many ways, and I appreciated reflecting on what changed and what mattered. Opening my 2021 planner now … here we go.

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