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Whoops, I never did a proper !

I often describe myself as a:
* of fiction … I write and perform stories
* chronicler of foibles … I am an online
* wrangler of chaos … I am a and database designer

My about page has more:

What I'm up to now:

O, my dear Gabriel. You didn’t love this photo I took of you 18 years ago, but it reminded me of one of our grandest adventures. Rest easy now. No more need to fight.

I drove to Salem to meet, tour, and generally soak in the excellent @statelibraryor.

My fancy water bottle with the sensor sometimes tracks drinks in the middle of the night while I am definitely nowhere near it. So now it’s confirmed: ghosts also believe in proper hydration. 👻 💦

I loved the “Uptown Squirrel” episode of 99% Invisible. 🎧 So many things I never knew about squirrels!

Nothing floors me quite like the agony of accidental gluten ingestion. My small intestine is a lace handkerchief wrung in the worried grip of a Victorian matriarch.

Writers, do you recommend any particular weekly writing prompts? ✍️ I’m looking for a gentle nudge to get me back in the habit after months of not making time for it!

This podcast makes me full-on ugly-cry on the regular. But I stayed sniffle-free last night! Lots of mirth and heart.

Late-night leadership training. 📚 What’s your favorite book on leadership?

Such an inspiring Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders Luncheon today! “Trade your privilege for progress,” said Alex Kroman, SVP of Engineering for New Relic.

★ Liked “I Have to Ask: Libraries and Homelessness”

Libraries are special places precisely because they are open to everyone. It is our absolute pleasure to welcome each person who walks through our doors.

The excellent Library Extension is now available for Firefox! Install it to see book and e-book availability from your local library on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. 📚

Belatedly, I also really enjoyed the session on DEI and library staffing. And the keynote with Ryan Dowd was predictably awesome. I hit the conference jackpot: inspiring sessions, catch-up with colleagues, and meeting an online friend in person for the first time!

Caris O’Malley is demonstrating the coolest spreadsheet I’ve ever seen: the Purpose Builder. We’re helping someone craft her personal mission statement!

One of the secrets to leadership really resonates with me: People who understand their purpose do better things.

In a session about leadership skills, and stunned by an increase in self-checkouts from 8% to 95%. Not a typo! 😳

Hello from 2019 OLA-WLA! 👋 I just attended an inspiring morning session on Agile for library projects. I’m psyched to scrum!

Made it to the weekend. All I want to do is sleep and dream of these trees.

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