Surprise, surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched!

Faster CPU, dual 4k HDMI support, up to 4GB RAM, USB type C, USB3 and (finally!) no more bottlenecking the ethernet port over USB2: full gigabit speeds!

Also: same old price 😍

I got the honor of merging this into #Tusky today \o/

We will not facilitate X on our app.

Then later:

We will not facilitate Y on our app.

After that:

We will not facilitate Z on our app.

This makes y'all no worse than Twitter lol

Walking into a local store and an employee runs up to me with a clipboard asking me to sign my consent for the store to process my private data and also says that if I continue to hang out in the store I'm giving my consent implicitly, and I just try to ignore them but they keep shoving the clipboard in my face as I'm looking around the store

Valve hires KWin core developer Roman Gilg for gaming-related XServer and KWin improvements. Roman seems to have a ton of cool projects in the pipeline, and this makes me happy. #KDE

I'm really saddened to see how many of my friends have left the #Fediverse in recent months, mostly due to various dramas.

Honestly, if I wasn't on a pretty terrific instance I'd have joined them too.

I will stop here with #Gab by removing the block feature inside the app in the next release.

My motivations:

- I didn't receive a reply from Google policy team about a potential ban of the application.
- Without the previous risk, I clearly think that's not my role. I can't hard-code instance blocks especially when every tools are here for that.
- If you want a strong block, it's in the hands of social network developers or your admins.

Looks like screwed everything up again by making Ubuntu 64 bit only which is the reason why Steam is leaving Ubuntu. Very well done. πŸ‘

Eine der Sachen, die mir auf #Twitter gut gefallen, ist der Follower-Friday. Daher nach lΓ€ngerer Zeit zum 2. Mal auch hier auf GNU-Social ein herzliches Danke im Rahmen des #FF fΓΌr den aktiven Austausch an:

Ich mΓΆchte Schwarze, Roma, LGBTIQ, Rollstuhlfahrer*innen, Obdachlose, GeflΓΌchtete, JΓΌd*innen, Linke in den Interviews und Talkshows reden hΓΆren.

Die kennen die Angst vor Nazis seit Jahrzehnten und sie haben viel zu sagen.

People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.

Two posts I forgot to share here:

Wayfire brings Compiz effects (wobbly windows, 3d cube, etc) to Wayland -->

Pinebook Pro gets a small spec bump -->

#linux #OpenSource

Free yourself, your friends or your community from Facebook when you want to organise and coordinate events with @mobilizon

Free software is free as in freedom, not as in free beer, which is why @Framasoft raises funds through a crowdfunding campaign. There are still 19 days to go to collect the tiny 4.5k€ left, and to fully fund the project.

we're seeing unprecedented chocolate levels

(91%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘


The developer of Librefox seems to have disappeared and the community is wondering whether Mozilla is behind it.

"Freedom browser" series part 3!

The developer of aforementioned Librefox seems to have DISAPPEARED.

The community is wondering whether Mozilla (makers of Firefox) is behind it.

Yes: Mozilla has been very sketchy on recent times.

They were supposed to be the big torchbearer for freedom but have in opinion of many actually turned against the people.

Meet LIBREWOLF. A forked Librefox, then.


Ein Staat hat die Aufgabe den Menschen zu schuetzen. Ist Dir das aufgefallen was passiert ist. Dieses Prinzip wurde umgekehrt, Er ist die groesste Bedrohung geworden. Wenn es nicht gelingt das wieder umzukehren sind wir Schuld das die Kinder von heute morgen wieder roemische Sklaven werden,

Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface πŸ‘

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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