One reason I love #Fosstodon (and the majority of the #Fediverse) is because most of the people here may disagree strongly with my thoughts, but more often than not people stay fairly respectable. I can call many of you (with whom I completely disagree on a very basic level) colleagues and friends. There is virtually no love-loss because of a disagreement.

It gives me hope for the future of humanity that there are so many polar opposites being excellent to each other!


@poetgrant what I don't like about them is that they want to delete all posts in their instance that are not English. This is just insulting to me.

@cyndn ah, that is fair. I think it has to do with moderation to be honest. I could possibly do Spanish or German moderation, but not effectively I think. I don't know all of the slang... hehehe

@cyndn heck... I haven't used German in a couple of years, so I probably would.have difficulty moderating any complex grammar at all.

@cyndn @poetgrant That's not true actually, I regularly answer toots that are in another language. They just can't moderate other languages on the local timeline

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