One wonders why infosec moves like a BLOB onto new media… we are so predictable! :D

@cynicalsecurity I think we treat all social media with the same general distrust, so a "good reason(TM)" is required for us to adopt a new one. People we follow _apparently_ mass-moving to one is good enough... I predict we'll all keep our twitter accounts "just in case it doesn't work out" and give us a 5% chance of actually staying on mastodon/gnusocial...

@cynicalsecurity hungry hoards searching for something else to look at :) also whoa this is a fuckofalot of characters maybe now I can start using punctuation and modifiers and spelling words out correctly and shit i'm not even under 250 chars yet people are going to so be tired of reading by now they probably won't even notCOWMOOice when i do something weird still going at 100+ to go - knock knock, who's there, mastodon, mastodon - yeehaw! it's not twitter so I love it. And that's a wrap folks.

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