So, Wire ( has started opening its server-side code:

They had already released a subset of the client code (same location as above) and have committed to releasing both client & server source code in full.

A review of Wire's security by @veorq and @marver can be found here:

@teller @veorq @marver @cynicalsecurity I'd thought there was a closed-source "enhanced" video plugin they compiled? (although you could interoperate with the open source fine?)

Or did they open that too with the CBR thing they introduced recently?

I may have misunderstood, it's Friday and I'm feeling lazy~

@akr @marver @veorq @teller I honestly haven't the faintest clue but I am definitely watching them closely.

@akr @cynicalsecurity @marver @veorq Ah, right - we've indeed improved some of the calling aspects over vanilla webRTC. You can build your own Wire with pure webRTC and they will "interop" just fine. Will put those enhancement back into webRTC at some point.

@teller @veorq @marver @akr it is brilliant to have someone from Wire on Mastodon, thank you for taking the time to explain and add useful information.

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