Because I am nine kinds of extra, I bought a Battle Skirt and metal bracers for next week at

I am the worst and didn't share this here. I'm doing a Kickstarter for pins of my Twitch emotes. It's fully funded, and now I'm going for stretch goals. Ends June 6th.

I'm not into the Christmas spirit, but I am doing a little giveaway on my channel on Xmas day. Come through, I'll be chatting, gaming and leaving a spot for folks that have nowhere to go, or can't get to chosen family on that day. Will start whenever I get up on Tuesday.

If you can make the stream, I’m starting off with a bit of talk show before getting into ME:A. come in, bring your own cup of coffee and chill with me to catch up before the games begin.

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It’s the day for Extra Life and it’s day!

I’m raising money for Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, for a goal of $500. I’m also part of the Wizards of the Coast @dndwizards team with a goal of $150K

Join me for a PC play through of Ryder’s story while I raise money for the kiddos. Can’t make the stream and want to still support? Drop a dono here:

I'm doing Extra Life 4 Kids this year as part of the Wizards of the Coast D&D team! My goal is $500, team goal is $150,000! Donate here:

Lots of great writing in this month’s issue of Unwinnable Magazine. I wrote about the impressive spectacle that is the Overwatch Grand Finals:


Genki has now ruined the floor under his litter box. It’s stained and reeks of cat piss. He’s been peeing on/around it to where the whole underside was soaked with it. Took the lid off after mopping with Murphy oil soap and that stuff for getting stains and smells out. 🤬

Looking for more moderators for (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.

ICYMI - The Kickback Lounge, sponsored by I Need Diverse Games and Blacks at XBOX is back for 2018! Join us 1-4pm at Taproom, Saturday Sept 1st. RSPV kindly requested via Eventbrite. Please share to folks who will be at PAX West. TY.

Excited to be part of this Panel moderated by @FWesSchneider! Interrogating your Inspirations 3:45 pm on 28 August, 5th Avenue Room

Does anyone know if there is a way to cross post things here from birdsite? Cause I don't always want to copy threads cause it may not be relevant to stuff going on here, but on might be relevant

I also keep forgetting about my Mastodon account, and I should use it more since I can actually write longer statuses and put a CW in a message. Refuse to say when I t**t though. :|

I keep getting a message that says Remote SSL Certificate could not be verified when I try to follow people back lately. So if I haven't done so, that's why.

I keep forgetting about Mastodon, sorry y'all. I also forgot to pin a tab again after the new build. I've gotten an app so I'll try to be better about posting here.

Podcasts of 2017 day one 

Fresh Out of Tokens was a podcast from @cypheroftyr focusing on inclusion, intersectionality, and feminism in gaming.

I recommend starting with the Justin Saint episode, where they talk about queer cosplay, Asian representation, and their role in trans inclusion in Dragon Age.

It did end this year, but now you can catch @cypheroftyr as a co-host on the Spawn on Me podcast!

#podcastsof2017 #podcasts

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