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I put these calls out every so often so here goes:

If you're working on an inclusive game (something with POC/LGBTQ/female characters/relevant themes) please reach out to me, I would love to hear about it!

I can't guarantee coverage and I'm generally very busy but I'm always down to hear about new, inclusive things :)

(pls boost!)

Toss a prayer up for my mentions on bird site. I shared a post I'd done on Patreon re: Cuphead, git gud and identity.

OH hey y'all, I keep forgetting I have this damn thing cause I'm only logged in on my desktop in a pinned tab. So hi new followers!

I didn't really stream Thursday and I have been out all day today. But I wanna dig back into Nier Automata. So join me in 10!

If you want to up your support of marginalized folks - definitely take a look at my supporting page here and have a look at some of the folks-

@cypheroftyr and her org, INDG, are a real good choice as they're a 501.3(c) org that's tax deductible and money there will be available to *a lot* more people than just Tanya- but don't let that stop you from supporting other creators!

My collated thoughts on why laughing off the Far Cry 5 petition is dangerouns, originally posted on bird site.

For anyone interested, I've uploaded all my pics from GX Australia and Sydney over on Flickr.

I literally forget about this site because it's open in a tab and barely anyone @'s me so, hopefully I'll remember it when I'm back from GX Australia

'Tis true, I've made another rotation around the sun on this day, 44 years ago. I'm so grateful y'all for the love & support :birthday:

Who else will be at GDC? Trying to find people to have chill times with away from the conference.

Does anyone know how to get a build of a game onto the XB1 when it's in dev mode? I have tried everything and the transfer stalls at 33.4% everytime. It won't recognize my external drive while in dev mode or go online via MS Edge browser on the console.

FYI for anyone interested, I'll be at PAX East, GDC, East Coast Games Conference, GX Australia, C2E2 & AnomalyCon in the next few months.Also attending (same week as GDC)

Does anyone know how long it will take for your XB1 to be taken out of the Preview Program if you request it? Need to install a different app but can't until XB1 is decoupled from Preview Program.

Home from Seattle, had a fun time. Didn't see as many peeps as I'd hoped but that always happens no matter where I go.

Thankfully no more travel till GDC.

Off to Seattle in a few hours to give a talk tomorrow, then hang out with friends till Sunday. Only set plan is a meeting at Microsoft on Friday.

Seattle peeps, HMU if you're free

I have this ORD Camp thing this weekend and I am feeling super anxious. It's an un-conference thing and I need structure for conventions/conferences.

I'm an awkward turtle for anyone who has not met me IRL or has. Also very anxious around new people. I might need a buddy to reach out to here when I can't this weekend at the event. So many new people, so many people over all! help.

Ok I am not sure how following works on here but I am seeing people I know I followed back with the their follow thinger greyed out.

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