Follow is blocked in China, but many other instances are not, cuz it's hard to block 'em all. XD

So if .social is blocked by the great firewall, but another instance isn’t and that instance federates with .social, you can still see what people post on .social, right? Like, everything’s done server-side?

I am not quite sure, but you will certainly need account on non-blocked instance.

This is the case with Riot/Matrix, they can see and use their accounts over other instances if their main one is down or blocked.

@cypherpunk @InvaderXan I went to China and experienced this block. Yes, other instances still federate. If your account is on, you can set up a HTTP proxy, and Tusky supports that.

@thinkMoult @InvaderXan
I recently stumbled upon this while searching for some tools, software and techniques.

Just wanted to mention to you since you were there, maybe it will be useful if it is not honeypot XD I do not know.

@cypherpunk as long as they don't really notice what the fediverse actually is they will only block select instances.

Once they realize the situation they'll start crawling and blocking every node on the network 🤷

For now tho this does block the ability to read a post on directly without a user account on another instance, unless you look it up using a Pleroma instance instead.

Thanks for clarification on this.
I also think that Mastodon and it's community should also focus on this issue and try to solve it. Maybe domain fronting, darknets, obfuscation techniques or something new.

@Shaft I wonder what's the result via Pinafore, Halcyon and Brutaldon.

@cypherpunk and all URL entered into the form will be blocked soon!? 😂

@cypherpunk Yeah, also joinmastodon is blocked.

Unfortunately #greatfire did not allow me to test *.social… I've reported it to them here:

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