Bit451 is an open source decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network. It has been characterized as “YouTube meets BitTorrent meets Bitcoin”.

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I like the goals. Just from reading that page though it reads more like a hyperbolic wishlist than a developed feature list. I also find it amusing that in the section where they mention similar "projects" (well, one) they make no mention at all of the obvious project - #Peertube, which has actual functioning code to share and watch videos as opposed to a list of possibile transfer protocols. So what are they bringing that PeerTube won't have earlier?

@Blort I agree with you. I came across this when searching for Youtube alternatives such as PeerTube, D-Tube, BitChute Zerotube...And wanted to share.

@cypherpunk I do think deserves a place. I'm currently making use of it and enjoy it.

The problem and from what I see from FOSS advocates as myself is lots of them are still making use of YouTube yet complain when issues come knocking.

Rant over.

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