"We need more than deplatforming – The Mozilla Blog" Mozilla is about to enter shady, dodgy business of a.k.a like Facebook,Twitter and others.
This move is clearly against their values formulated in their Manifesto

What do you think?
Should we start searhing for alternatives ?

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My concern is that people will turn to "alternatives" like spyware, eg Chrome, proprietary code where we can't even tell if it's spyware eg Opera, or code designed to later have spyware bolted in to it and made proprietary, eg Chromium.

The real alternative is to make a decent cross platform browser with open code *and governance* whose assets are owned by a non profit foundation, and some form of privacy model to fund development.

Not an easy task, but worthwhile.

totally agree, they should be funded by donations as well.

My concern for user is not that they will turn to proprietary spyware alternatives (since people using Firefox and those who are concerned about this know for better). My concern is that no body will condemn this bald move and linux distros will ship with this Orwellian Firefox.

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