How pathetic of Signal, first they blocked all forks from using their server or their name, so they weren't open to cooperation and federation, and now that Iran censored them, they want other poeople to help them selfhosting proxies to them.
I am against censorship but I don't like their modus operandi.

The whole point of having secure reliable messaging platform is that we do not trust developers and have it .
Just imagine Telegram having the same kind of financial ties to Kremlin as Signal has to US government.
It will be Telegram's crucifixion all over the internet and stories how Russia has backdoors in it.

@cypherpunk true that the way they opposed to other open alternative clients such as LibreSignal was quite disturbing.

@cypherpunk Their blocking of third party apps/builds sucks, but I'm with them on this action against censorship.

@cypherpunk Monolithic architecture is not resilient, in nature or in technology.

@cypherpunk hi, I'm sorry if I've missed relevant pieces of information, but, wait, Signal has bounds with the US government ?! Is it well known ?

@cypherpunk I don't have any sympathy for them at this point. They've made enough mistakes with their hubris

I feel like they are treating us like their free CDN at this point only for their benefits. With Tor at least you are improving your own anonymity by boosting network. This is pure arrogance

@cypherpunk Signal has money, they can build their own damn CDN 😤

I'm not gonna get fucking involved with passing traffic that's not even properly anonymized. Someone's gonna come knocking because a person being monitored is routing through your proxy
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