There's a Tumblr called "People sleeping in museums" and it's full of people sleeping in museums


Oh, internet :D

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There's another Tumblr called "People matching Artwork" and it's full of people matching artwork


They go so well together

@cypnk It’s a serious issue, really. Museums can make one exhausted from intaking so much wonder, stretching the mind and body. But they usually have so few seats, and so it may be untenable or impolite to doze. Some museums are getting better, like having a couch nook with many interesting relevant books to peruse.

But really museums (and all work places) should have cots and blankies for nap time.

@cypnk okay but are we gonna talk about how that girl looks like a painting herself?

@assassins_queer The very next reply in that thread is indeed another tumblr of people looking like paintings ;)

@cypnk Ah, tumblr. never change.

honestly though tumbls has calmed down a lot but i'm still eternally raging about the lack of nsfw.

but since that is a 5 part toot posting in itself, I won't go into it ahaha.

@assassins_queer There were *so many* artists that permanently left Tumblr too. Such a shame

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@cypnk I heard they all migrated here but it's not the same.

Also how do I get onto that instance? I'm unapologetically thirsty for good art. Give me the art Mastodon!!!!

I'm a sinner and I know it lmao.

But yeah and they gave it an utter bullshit reason of "child safety". Do you think that children are safe with actual NAZIS and MURDERER STANS tumblr? ffs.

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@assassins_queer There's a great one called which is run by @Curator

Lots and lots of creatives you'd enjoy. Also @RussSharek

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@cypnk @Curator @RussSharek so to join that do I have to give up on this instance? I really am enjoying and would hate to leave.

I can't run two at once and just jump back and forth can I?

Gonna check out RussSharek though, thanks!!!!

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@assassins_queer @Curator @RussSharek

Not at all. In fact, you should be able to import your followers and follows as well. I also keep a account where I post once in a while

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@cypnk @Curator @RussSharek Cool. I might look at some other instances to jump into.

I am going to mourn the quality emojis of

We have an anarchy emoji! where else am I gonna find that?

tumblr whinging, nazi ment 

@assassins_queer @cypnk @Curator

I can vouch for being a well run and well cared for community.

As for checking me out, I'm flattered and confused. :)

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