‪It’s been many years since high school‬

‪I’m still haunted‬

@cypnk I was thinking about this identity a lot the other day while doing some things involving trig and some other things involving Jaccard distances on set partitions, and, gosh it was kind of weird to actually have a use for this for once

@jamey Remember sitting in class thinking, “when will I ever need this?” Life really is weird, sometimes

@cypnk I had the good fortune to get involved in the student rocketry club at Portland State University when I was 15, where I discovered that having a particular thing you're trying to accomplish makes it way more interesting to learn the underlying math or physics or whatever. I have a number of Opinions™ about education formed from experiences like that…

@jamey @cypnk

All learning is tied to hooks like that. Finding them is the hardest part of the job for teachers.

@jamey These are so important! Now more than ever, it feels like we’re preventing kids from exploring

More importantly, we’re preventing them from trying and failing, and learning from the experience with encouragement

@cypnk I got to try and then fail frequently while growing up, which is good; what I didn't have was mentors who could help me get past those failures. Unfortunately what I seem to have internalized from that is if I have a cool idea, it feels better to just enjoy how neat the idea is, rather than trying to actually follow through with it and having the disappointment of failing. That's something I'm struggling to improve on now.

@jamey It will take time, but you’re not alone. Even if you try and fail again, there’s an entire community to support you through it

@cypnk Thank you for affirming that there's support. I'm not sure I _feel_ that, but with enough reminders perhaps it will sink in. 😁

@jamey @cypnk I'm sure you've heard of the quote that you'd regret every opportunity you didn't take

@Innerkaur @cypnk That's a valid and rational response, which doesn't address the underlying feelings 😄

Unfortunately I'm more experienced with the costs of taking opportunities than with the benefits, you know?

@jamey @cypnk ok yeah, but I think we are able to find a (legal) way to be able to pay for what we want to do, or take out a sensible loan. I mean I'm 23 and 3 months ago, graduate wage, I started having cello lesson, it's expensive(!) and bought one 2 weeks ago. I don't think you're just paying for the object or the experience, but for the feeling it temporarily provides, and that is priceless don't you think?

@Innerkaur @cypnk That's awesome! I'm delighted to hear that you're practicing with an instrument you enjoy!

There are more costs to taking an opportunity than just money, though: choosing not to do something else that might turn out even better, and having the possibility of negative consequences in the future. We can't account for those costs in advance but they're still real.

Your attitude is healthy and I encourage it but please understand mine is real too?

@jamey @cypnk thank you! I understand that your way is real too. I don't think there is right or wrong way for this. I'm happy that you form your own opinions and stand by them. Not many people can do that today.

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@cypnk Out of curiosity, are you familiar with lines of thought such as "unschooling"? I would characterize what I mean as: the way our schools work is not designed to teach children to think; children are naturally curious until we consistently punish them for exploring outside some mandated curriculum; and people learn best when allowed to pursue their own interests in an environment where people can help foster that exploration.

@jamey I’ve heard of it, and I think there are many variations. School, as it is today, did originate during the industrial revolution as a way to house and control the children of the working class as they were off toiling in factories. Some of those habits have remained


make math your bitch with my simple study strategy. well I didn't invent it, but it's still great:

pay attention the first time


@thickD @cypnk

On psych couch

THERAPIST: Now, show my on this doll where the Fourier transform touched you
ME: *trembles visibly*

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