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@cypnk if you like Vim (who doesn't?) You can get all of the Vi hotkeys with this command:

set -o vi

Put it at the end of your .bashrc file for super convenience!

Most of these aren't exclusive to bash; other Bourne-like shells like ksh support these, too.

Instead of Ctrl-R I use the fc built-in for history. It works in both bash & ksh. Using fc -l lists the history, fc -s [number] executes the command again and just fc [number] lets you edit the command with the editor defined in the EDITOR environment variable, or /bin/ed if it's not defined.


good little set of cheats. if you're looking to get expert with bash, this is indispensable too.


also +1 to @vector about `set -o vi`. been using that forever and it's so ingrained now I get a bit initially confused on anyone else's box who doesn't have that set. who uses emacs anyway? lol

@thunder @vector Wow This is superb! Thank you for sharing this 馃檹

@thunder @cypnk sorry, I had a really snarky / meta reply that I was gonna send out from vi but my escape key broke from all the pointless mode switching ;)

M-x launch-real-editor

@cypnk @thunder haha for sure. It's not like thunder was representing anything ridiculous like sublime :P

It's okay, vimmers will have the last laugh when I join their ranks post eary-onset left pinky carpal tunnel

@eladhen Julia has a few Zines that are well worth checking out jvns.ca/zines/

She's also @ b0rk on Twitter