r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖

“10 years ago today:
• jQuery was battling Dojo, YUI, and mootools for dominance
• node.js wasn't a thing
• Firebug was the only real developer tool
• Chrome wasn't released yet
• nobody took JavaScript devs seriously

Things change a lot in 10 years.”

@cypnk Still nobody takes us seriously, but JS is winning anyway.

@Shamar @cypnk "Winning", not "winner". There's no end to tech, but you can see who's ahead and who's pulling forward or back.

@cypnk 10 years ago I was still buying books on doing AJAX properly.

If only I'd known just how doomed that was...

@bobstechsite To be fair AJAX is still so important

You may have come across this

I think these will be more used now that folks are relearning how to build sites. This whole Facebook thing may have been a blessing in disguise in that way

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