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r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖 @cypnk@mastodon.social

“Western Flag” is an installation by artist John Gerrard for

It’s a flag made of black smoke (non-polluting, hope), meant to represent rising CO2 in the atmosphere

@cypnk Sadly, I would guess that a smoke that black is clean… 😕

@MightyPork @cypnk

it would be possible to make the "smoke" effect with glycol/glycerine, (like how vaping equipment and smoke machines work), but there is still likely to be black pigment discharged into the air which probably isn't that good a thing to do (though miniscule amount compared to actual particulates generated by fossil fuels motor traffic etc)

@cypnk It's still small particles that get into the air.
If they just dissolve into CO2, N, O2 and others it's fine. If not. It is.

But black smoke triggers more than NOX, and smaller particles you can't see.

@cypnk FYI...

1 - from last year
2 - evidently it's a virtual flag - credits include a game engine and a modeler...