@cypnk ok but if i actually saw this in meatspace i'd buy at least 2

@cypnk oh nice

Something to put my Nature Fresh Milk™️ in for a caffeinated boost without having to stop drinking Nature Fresh Milk™️

@cypnk i'm dave and i'm from europe actually i'm from germany but actually i'm dave's grandad but really i'm dave's grandad's uncle and i look similar to dave's grandad's uncle's mate down the pub, but actually i'm leslie but nevermind i'm actually greg

I think I need that. I assume it's like a tonic/vitamins for people who spend too much time staring at glowing rectangles.

@cypnk Ah, I think this is a mistranslation -- It's actually tea for your computer 😜

@iks I think this is the correct interpretation as my computer is mighty sophisticated

@cypnk The literal translation is pretty cyber punk as well: "Electric Brain Tea"

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