r҉ustic cy͠be̸rpu̵nk🤠🤖

2020 - We must adopt to solve all problems with kubernetes

@cypnk giving up more control and power to a few big data centers...

@KitRedgrave I'm convinced that most trends after 2003 were surreptitious attempts at corralling dev trends into the silos

@cypnk 2022: we must adopt BSD to solve all problems with Linux. :flan_evil:

@mwlucas @cypnk Isn’t that basically Debian kFreeBSD and Gentoo/*BSD ?

@lanodan @cypnk systemd killed kFreeBSD, not sure about Gentoo/*BSD.

@mwlucas @cypnk Gentoo is using their OpenRC by default, which is quite similar to how it works in BSDs.
But I haven’t tried a Gentoo/*BSD yet.
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