"So, using whatever language you want, php, python, perl, javascript, program something that gets today’s date and time, then writes it to a file."

$ date > today.txt

"We don’t feel you have the right skill set"

@cypnk I feel a lot like I fall in the polymath-type of persons and I can get to something to really want to do it and do it good a lot of times just after some months again.

But problems are emergencys most of the times. :/

@alsternerd Yeah they can be a headache at times. But the good news is that solutions do tend to come up by sheer exposure to more than one field

@cypnk I wanna work for the MIB guy. Otherwise I've had all those.

@cypnk gods, if you ask questions like this, you either want this particular answer, or you shouldn't be interviewing people in the first place

@cypnk I've had interviews like this!

"Please write a program that does [thing that there is a common shell utility for]"

Okay. [Solution is a shell script using common shell utility, well implemented, with comments about why I'm using that shell utility, and where to find more information.]

"Sorry, but you're not the kind of developer we're looking for."

It's a bullshit emblem of a broken industry that asks the wrong questions, and wants the wrong answers.

@ajroach42 @cypnk

Yes I've encountered this and worse.

Nobody knows what makes a good software engineer. Not at the HR/management level anyhow. And so they have all these silly tests.

I even had one test once which was like a general knowledge pub quiz. "What is the closest planet to the sun?" and other random questions. At the end I asked what this has to do with programming and they said that their procedure had identified that people who were good at coding also scored highly on these questions.

@bob @cypnk My last gig did a bullshit cognitive assessment (which I got a very high score on. I'm really good at bullshit cognitive assessments) before the interview, and then just a bunch of riddles and lateral thinking puzzles in the interview.

Stuff like the one with three switches and three bulbs, or the water puzzle from diehard.

And then someone threw in a fizzbang.

I'd heard them all before, so I knew the answers to all of them. They made me an offer on the spot.

It was so strange.

My last unperson interview was weird they asked me a whole bunch of unrelated question to the job I applied for like "whats your favorite web exploit?" And "whats your least favorite database?". I left pissed thinking I wasn't getting it but they offered me a different one the next day. Also for the record its RFI because they should never happen and MSSQL because its a Microsoft product
@cypnk @bob

Haha, ridiculous to think about how much time and money they spent to come up with what boils down to "An educated and well rounded person."
@ajroach42 @cypnk

@cypnk `date > today.txt`

now it's in ruby, perl, and php :P

@cypnk It's almost as if you don't like doing mundane shit to prove your skills. I'm sure they were looking for skills not efficiency.

@cypnk my favorite quote so far, summing up ALL of the interviews:

“So I know these ten things that I think make me clever, I will judge your grasp of the entire field of computer science based on whether you also know these ten things. But first, tell me a little about yourself.”

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