@cypnk Had to look up the etymology:

> It combines elements of 銆岀⿳銈撱仹銇娿亸銆 tsunde-oku (to pile things up ready for later and leave) and 銆岃鏇搞 dokusho (reading books).


Just the existence of 绌嶃倱銇с亰銇 as an idiomatic concept is pretty cool in itself.

@notclacke Japanese is a great language for poetry. Stacking roots can give deeper meaning than the word itself

@cypnk To be fair, every language that allows composite words does that.

@valerauko @cypnk Ok, so it just means "leave"? Is it some kind of derivative of 琛屻亸?

@notclacke no, it's 缃亸 in the sense of doing something in preparation

鈥淚 have a book on tsundoku, never finished it tho鈥

@excecate Nah, "hoarding" has specific connotations of being messy and otherwise unsanitary, whereas this is specific to book purchases and seems to indicate an otherwise normal proclivity


not all hoarders live in filth, but maybe that is the final destination of all?

@excecate Not necessarily. There's a line between eccentricity and an actual problem for one's self and neighbors. Many people live with mountains of books just fine and don't have a problem inviting guests in as well

That's a bigger issue for actual hoarders who are often embarrassed about their condition (of their place and their state of mind)

@cypnk I wonder if the same word could be applied to video games, or if a separate one already exists (looking at you, steam library)

@Tak Oh, I鈥檓 sure there鈥檚 a word for that too *cough*

(This isn鈥檛 mine BTW)

@cypnk the bottom could be filled with books, that probably wouldn't be visible from your webcam

Those won't get into a shelf. They end up in the biodegradable bin or that small room centered with porcelain. (The hamsters still grab all the rolls at the grocery store)

@cypnk Thank you so much, I know that I'm a tsundokuist now, I won't feel ashamed anymore.

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