I still can鈥檛 believe cats are real

Or how lucky we are to share the same planet when the universe is as big as it is

@cypnk there's actually a song from a japanese artist i like that's precisely about this topic

@cypnk it's this i tooted earlier but it doesn't seem to be on youtube or spotify so i can't link anything playable pawoo.net/@valerauko/100532512

@cypnk "Cats know we cannot see well in the dark so in the small hours of the night when we are most vulnerable they hunt the formless things that hunger for us." twitter.com/ellle_em/status/10

@cypnk "Cats know our purrs are sometimes smothered in tears, draped in impossible sadness, so drowned in despair we forget how to purr at all. So they come to us and purr, to remind us how it is done." twitter.com/ellle_em/status/10

@cypnk "Cats know we cannot see the ways between world's like they can and they know we cannot slide in through the secret paths to countless different nows so they make sure not to stay for long in the other places, other worlds." twitter.com/ellle_em/status/10

@cypnk i used to have a cat who did that.

it was cute when he was tiny. slightly less so when he was 15 lbs and prone to leaping off overhanging areas in his pursuit of sitting on your shoulders / head.

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