“Don’t worry, I copied the database before deleting all the photos”


“Yeah. Thumbs.db”



He’s going to unplug the computer and just wait for me to come over

Best case: It’s in the recycle bin

Worst case: I do a file recovery

Worst’st case: It’s an SSD and I’m going to be signing “Killing me softly” by The Fugees while doing a NAND mirror

Update 2:

It was just a HDD. No files permanently lost (hooray!) Also he was still using Windows 7 and an expired Norton AV 😓

Not touching that mess. Starting fresh after a backup and wipe

@succfemboi Luckily this is my roommate so I don’t need to do this every day (also, it’s free work)

I have a solution to all those types clients: Happily do the task while adding to the hours billed on the invoice. Also why contracts are really, really, really (did I mention “really”) important

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