It's getting hard to read things on the web

I don't know when everyone decided light gray text on white backgrounds was the standard uniform of the web, but I'd much rather have garish colors if it means the text is at least legible

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@cypnk There's like a 99% chance I'm going to stop using a site if they pull that shit. Hell, there's a 99% chance I'll stop if they don't have a dark theme available.

@cypnk it became quite fashionable in web designer circles, there SAS a good Wired! article about it a while ago:


@cypnk read this to understand all of it...
Thanks @Qwxlea. I wanted to link to this piece too but couldn't remember the title.

@Qwxlea Oh yes, I forgot about this article. It's really annoying and I'm a little disappointed things haven't improved much since this was published

@saper @cypnk looked it up, yes indeed I quite prefer that :

I should do something with that, thanks!

@cypnk I hate this so much! I have to select text sometimes to read it, ridiculous :angery:

@valeg That's really annoying. Sometimes, I see folks have changed the selection colors too so even that's broken

Times I wish I could just wholesale block CSS

@cypnk for this and many other reasons, I'm so glad reader mode exists

@cypnk What's worse, due to some weirdness in my monitor, the text on these sites is literally invisible unless it's at the very top or very bottom of my screen.

@Draconicrose That really is worse :(

I imagine there has to be others with similar monitor issues that find these sites unusable for the most part

@cypnk I imagine so. My usual solution, if I can't get the text in an area where it's visible, is to highlight it. Not the best way to read things though.

@cypnk also, 3 GB for one page of text

Ok, I made that number up but it's taking ridiculous amounts of resources

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