Nestle wants your DNA to create personalized diets using AI

I’m aware that the dystopia is probably inevitable, but maybe let’s not rush toward it

@switchingsocial They absolutely should. But the incentives for modern journalism is completely skewed toward attention grabbing first and trickled in information second. It’s the old tabloid stand formula that’s adopted for online publication

@cypnk I assume that nutrition science exists to formulate a diet that keeps you alive until the week before retirement, at which point you die of a heart attack that costs the insurance company nothing more than an ambulance ride.

@alrs If this isn’t already real, I’m sure someone’s working on it either at some megacorp (pension) or shady government agency (social security)

@cypnk The AI says that you should enjoy Nestle™ delicious sugary drinks because even though it carries significant diabetes and obesity risk, the AI thinks that relaxation and refreshment is more important.

@cjd @cypnk lol AI trying to take over the world by making people fat

This might come in handy...

"a group of researchers from the University of Washington has shown for the first time that it’s possible to encode malicious software into physical strands of DNA, so that when a gene sequencer analyzes it the resulting data becomes a program that corrupts gene-sequencing software and takes control of the underlying computer. "

#CyberPunk #Distopia

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