Reminder: Be very careful with quizzes that measure your "political spectrum" or some other variation that determines preferences, proclivities etc... based on a set of arbitrary and rudimentary questions

Unless you're blocking all trackers, or better yet on Tor, you've just given ad companies yet another set of data points to target you

Worse, you've given authorities, which will inevitably tap that data, ready access to information that's illegal to put on any census

@cypnk i filled out a waifu quiz once... noooOOoOOOoooo dont sell my anime taste out, I worked so hard to get it :'(

@dirtycommo I hope people follow through. It's mostly the kids I'm worried about since they grew up in the smartphone era. An entire generation with shadow profiles is a scary thought

@cypnk yep! i remember the days when you didn't need a machine to tell you what you were

@cypnk didn't the US already say they weren't going to bother with the census or something

@cypnk my solution to this as a casualwriter is to take the same quiz multiple times and answering in from the POV of assorted characters I'm working on :thinkhappy:

@photophoregirl That's actually brilliant! And you're getting free research in a way

@cypnk Sorry to be an utter cynic, but I just assume they (both) already know whatever they want to know about me.

@gregminton I think that's just frustration and exhaustion, not cynicism. It's a perfectly normal reaction these things, but it's ultimately counter-productive

Which is what ad companies and authorities are counting on. They want to you to feel defeated so you submit

@cypnk ive managed enough polls to understand that this is over paranoia.
it's too easy to fake these kind of polls and no one is going to use them on the 1:1 level.
if i can get 1:100 positive results i feel accomplished and still have nothing to show for epidemiological uses.
the NSA doesn't give a fuck about your political spectrum.

@Xyc0 Not the NSA, but “how do you do, fellow kids” level impersonation isn’t above the FBI

And with this administration, the less shared under your own IP, the better it is for everyone

@cypnk I usually vote completely opposite in those just to throw off their data set.

@cypnk Similarly, think very carefully whether "name of first pet" + "mother's name" = porn name and similar games involve posting answers to security questions in public.

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