"Google wants to kill the URL"


"People have a really hard time understanding URLs" is not a good enough reason to get rid of URLs

To this day, I refuse to use an AMP specific webpage as it breaks the open web. When I'm presented with an AMP link, I edit the URL to remove that component so I get the full page. "Safe" URLs will similarly cater to Google interests and I will not be using it

If other vendors go along with this, I'll write my own browser if I have to


@cypnk "People have a really hard time understanding URLs"

Well, fuck, people have a really hard time understanding nuclear physics. Let's get rid of all the nuclear research and nuclear power stations and go back to coal and oil.

Oh, wait... Someone IS actually proposing exactly that.

@cypnk I apologize in for derailing the conversation, I was not making an energy production point, I was making "haha, let's get rid of basic necessity of the modren world because of public ignorance" point.

And how it is actually coming to that judging by today's politics.


@drequivalent No worries, I learned something new today. My suggestion for anyone in my mentions is to keep me tagged when in doubt. Either I’ll learn something or I can ignore, but I don’t want to lose the opportunity regardless

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