If you were wondering why most photos of the Pyramids in Giza always seem to be from the same angle, this is why

Because of the extensive tourism, they built a highway right up to site. And with tourism and traffic come shops. Businesses get money and they build houses and yet more shops, and so on...

The end result is a city which kinda ruins the mood if you want your pyramid photo to have the “lost in the desert” vibe

@cypnk Damn shame too. You'd think they'd've made it like a US National Park sorta thing and kept the city a reasonable distance away.

@Cronurd The tourist currency is just too enticing. Also, the West has ample income and a relatively high standard of living where such luxuries are possible

If the majority of your population is at or below poverty, you do everything possible to stay afloat. Even if it means exploiting the works of your ancestors

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