"Google wants to kill the URL"


"People have a really hard time understanding URLs" is not a good enough reason to get rid of URLs

To this day, I refuse to use an AMP specific webpage as it breaks the open web. When I'm presented with an AMP link, I edit the URL to remove that component so I get the full page. "Safe" URLs will similarly cater to Google interests and I will not be using it

If other vendors go along with this, I'll write my own browser if I have to


@cypnk "People have a really hard time understanding URLs"

Well, fuck, people have a really hard time understanding nuclear physics. Let's get rid of all the nuclear research and nuclear power stations and go back to coal and oil.

Oh, wait... Someone IS actually proposing exactly that.

@strypey @cypnk Nuclear power is actually the cleanest and cheapest source of energy available to date.
Although, I must admit that there are safety concerns, but that's purely thanks to the fact that cold war was needed to be kept cold, and then ever power-hungry military industrial complex took hold of nuclear research.
There were two projects for fission reactors in the 1950s: light water reactors (typical for today, using Uranium cycle) and molten salt reactors. And while both were successful at generating power (Oak Ridge molten salt testbed, for example ran for five years producing around 7.5 MW), US Military tipped the scale in favor of light water reactors, because this type of reactors were able to breed Plutonium which was needed for nuclear weapon programme.
Now, MSRs look awesome. They are a lot safer, you can't breed weapons-grade material on them, they run use Thorium-Uranium cycle (Th is abundant compared to U), and they also can burn a lot of BS after LWRs. Google them.


@rugk @strypey @drequivalent One of the things I love about this community is how passionate people are about their topics of interest ;)

But notice, everyone is still composed while presenting their argument. I love it!

@cypnk @rugk @strypey

> But notice, everyone is still composed while presenting their argument. I love it!

Yes, as a rule. I'd love to have it stay that way.

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