TIL There’s a Tumblr dedicated to control panels. This one is “The Office Of The Future - New York World’s Fair, 1964”

@cypnk I love how none of those buttons are labelled. He's memorized every one of them.

@cypnk And it opens on a beautiful pin matrix synthesiser, lovely!

@cypnk I don't see *any* cats in that office. How good a future can it be?

@cypnk I mean, my office isn't even as big as that one, and it has *two* cats in it.

Constantly begging for pets when I'm trying to work.

Still, sometimes the world's an okay place.

@gemlog 100% Guaranteed he saw it. There's no way the sets would have matched so closely to that aesthetic without this kind of inspiration

@cypnk Oddly enough, it looks like they OVERESTIMATED the extent to which computers would replace pen and paper, since there aren't any cleared flat surfaces to write on.

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