Reservoir Dogs:
Reservoir Dogs with suits

Pulp Fiction:
Non-linear Reservoir Dogs

Jackie Brown:
Reservoir Dogs with cash

Kill Bill:
Reservoir Dogs with katanas

Inglourious Basterds:
Reservoir Dogs in Germany

Hateful Eight:
Reservoir Dogs in the West

@cypnk When it came out, Q talked about it a lot, dunno if that's on any director's commentary or anyone sees those interviews anymore.

@mdhughes I doubt it. With the exception of a few film buffs, most folks have moved on to “Top 10s” and other list videos. Interviews now only get attention if the film is new or if it’s getting a re-release

@cypnk Also, Kill Bill: Five Deadly Venoms with mostly honkies. So, better.


Woofs with suits
Non-Linear Woofs
Woofs with cash
Woofs with katanas
German Shepherds
Border Collies

@cypnk Django Unchained: Reservoir Dogs with more racism

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