Mad Max and Waterworld share the same timeline

@cypnk So… all the water's on one side of the planet? How's that work?

@mdhughes It's possible that whatever happened in Mad Max was the origin of Waterworld eventually

@cypnk Also: I generally like Waterworld more than Mad Max or Road Warrior. Dennis Hopper sells me a movie better than rando Strine assholes stapling tires to their leather jackets. Young not-openly-racist-yet Gibson was more charming than sociopathic middle-aged Costner, but all the stuff around them is better in Waterworld.

Beyond Thunderdome is better than either, though.

@bonzoesc @cypnk Mad Max Fury Road is very silly, somewhat less serious than Rick & Morty S3E2 "Rickmancing the Stone", which I'd put just below Beyond Thunderdome. I guess Fury Road is a little below Waterworld? But certainly above the first two Mad Max.

fury road spoilers, uspol 

@cypnk bold of you to assume the four mad max movies share the same timeline

@bonzoesc Actually, only the first one. I like to think the original Mad Max was the start of Waterworld

@amphetamine Well, it's only a theory. I think it works only if the original Mad Max happened in the decades (century?) before Waterworld

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