Meanwhile, in the pending robot apocalypse...

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@uranther Coming soon! ;)

Actually, I wonder if skateboarding robots might come first. The biggest issues with bipedal locomotion is the locomotion part, which passive wheels deal with very well

@cypnk In a few years we'll all be regretting LOLing at the videos of these robots falling over clumsily.

@tsturm @cypnk I wonder how many takes this took and how many engineers spent how many hours tweaking the setup, programming and tuning. Boston Dynamics is very good at producing demo videos but they don't seem to sell too many actual robots to actual customers. Also, most 6-year-old kids can do this (with a lot more elan).

@KnowPresent @tsturm Very few robots from what I鈥檝e heard, but they鈥檙e mostly selling expertise and not outright robots. Some of their software is heavily licensed to other companies

This particular setup probably took no fewer than 100 tries. I also think they鈥檙e much farther ahead for equivalent development than Asimo鈥檚 locomotion. But to be fair to Honda鈥檚 robotics team, they were mostly focused on language and user interaction since it was meant for the service industry

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