Twitter has no real incentive to use ActivityPub

1. They don't control ActivityPub. Anything added/modified to the protocol will be seen as Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

2. No Fediverse instance will federate with them so it won't matter to them. Well, no one with common sense, which I hope covers most sysadmins

3. DRM is coming to a TL near you. Think of HDMI "proto-cables" connecting "producers" and "consumers"

4. Money (See no. 3). Want in? Here's a federation key with your subscription fee


So it looks like folks are getting hung up on No.2 for this on account of unsavory admins who federate with everything

The point of this toot is to show why Twitter has no incentive to use ActivityPub

Take a gander at and see which ones actually federate with those types of instances

Twitter is about numbers. Really *only* about numbers, you could say. ActivityPub is the force that binds all this together and Twitter has no incentive to use it

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