TIL, there's a "...primarily intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish."

Admin is @trumpet

Just in time for

@cypnk @trumpet I didn't even know that a .scot TLD exists 😆 But it' really cool that we have so many regional instances here which have more relevant content for a specific region.That's another big advantage over the birdsite 👍

@nipos @trumpet It's great that each platform and community can grow with the users. No one individual or group dictates how to have fun to others! :D

And there is
Kept by @neil

I think there are a couple others. A Gaelic instance? Or did I dream that?

is that a new gender? 

@cypnk @trumpet Just kidding many smaller instances is a good idea.


About this hashtag:

There are many reasons for everyone to leave twitter.

What is the particular reason of Scotland?

Did Twitter do something during the Scottish referendum?


@maryjane I think folks are just tired of the way they're treated there overall and maybe the last few episodes were just the final straw. I do know feelings are still quite raw over this Brexit thing. And there have been a lot of abuse over what that means for Scotland

@cypnk @maryjane a few significant voices of the independence movement have had their Twitter accounts closed, suspected political involvement. We were advised to switch to Mastodon

@MillyMonks @cypnk

Ha! Ok that was the missing peice of information for me

@cypnk @maryjane you just don't know who or what is sneaking a peek at your content these days. Anyway it's always good to 'meet' new friends🙂

@MillyMonks if Scotland finally has enough UK shenanigans they should join Canada. The original Scotland and "New Scotland" together again!

@cypnk @maryjane

@maryjane @cypnk @trumpet we have been censored by twitter. People's accounts have been shut down for minor comments.

@maryjane @cypnk @trumpet thanks, glad to be here 👍once I've figured it out a bit more that is 😁

@maryjane @cypnk @trumpet that was really helpful, thank you👍that's the sort of info I need

@maryjane @cypnk @trumpet
Prominent Indy supporters are having their accounts shut down or locked. In most cases no reason is being given.😡🤔.
Just after the election as well.🤬🤯
Us Independenistas don't feel very safe on Twitter.🤔

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