TIL White Horse in Canada (that’s an actual place) has a “Hair Freezing Contest” every year when temps drop below insta-freeze, at the Takhini Hot Springs

And it’s all kinds of awesome

@polychrome @cypnk This is great. 😂 My friend with the frozen afro definitely takes the prize. I’m guessing that’s around -20C for it to be “insta-freeze”? That’s... let me look it up... around -4F for our friends south of the 47th. 😁

@cypnk how do the contestants not immediately lose all their hair afterwards

@lemememeringue Good question. I think maybe they dunk back in the water quickly enough to not have lasting effects. I haven’t heard of anyone losing their hair after one of these

kinda gross (hair-related) 

@lemememeringue @cypnk it's not liquid nitrogen; the hair won't be brittle and snap off

@feld @cypnk idk I know folks from alaska who touched a chunk of their frozen hair and it fell off. happened to their eyelashes too.

@lemememeringue @cypnk well, hair is hollow but maybe if the hair is unhealthy, split ends, etc the keratin proteins can't take it. So i guess it's plausible that for some people the hair can snap off at those temps.

@natsumisummer Apparently no long term ill effects. Some folks return each year

@cypnk as a southerner this looks like ice magic to me 😲❄✨

@dragonmagic Not quite as cold as White Horse, but we’ve got an area called Tug Hill upstate in New York where temps drop low and get a lot of snow. Folks in hot tubs try things like this over there ;)

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