@cypnk The picture shows that the Commodore C64 is connected to the Unimor "Neptun M-156 B" monitor. It is a popular Polish computer monitor used with Elwro, Atari, Amiga, Commodore and similar computers.

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@pavel Oh yes @vfrmedia also found that. I really love that shape. Somehow I feel we have lost some of the charm of retro electronics with the arrival of flat boxes that all look the same

@cypnk I agree with you. But the problem is deeper. There was more variety in the past. Now there are only big corporations left, so they don't have to compete with each other as they used to. Most of the equipment is manufactured in China. It kills diversity and ingenuity. That's true of almost all products, not just computer hardware.

@liaizon I don’t know if that’s a Commodore original or just something they had laying around. If it’s original, it’s gonna be one of these


@cypnk @liaizon

here is the original article (unfortunately I can't read Polish, so I had to use a translator service) reading this and looking at the rest of the workshop it seems the engineers at the garage custom built the driveshaft balancing equipment, which uses analogue computer technology, and the C64 running a custom BASIC program processing the figures that are displayed on the analogue meters..


@liaizon @cypnk I have a soviet 1986 MSX2 КУВТ2 teacher version, it's fully alive in my next room. The only thing that doesn't work is the floppy drive — to work around this, I bought a modern slot extender based on Xilinx chip which has 2 SD cards, flashrom, and other chips, made by people from Spain.
@cypnk @liaizon I also have a soviet БК0010 (BK0010) without peripherals, without monitor… And a broken ZX Spectrum from some soviet radiotechnical plant
@cypnk @liaizon And also two soviet МК61 (MK61) programmable calculators — my first computer is one of these two, received it from my sister at about 1984
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