@MMWW It was a simpler time for sure. I know it’s part nostalgia and part not remembering how hard it was to find stuff, but you could *actually* find stuff eventually

Now, half the results are Pinterest dead ends or some other silo

@cypnk for a long time I had my home page set to a downloaded version of this page, so the google! search looked the same until you actually did the search

@amsomniac That’s actually clever. Before mobile search was a thing, it’s like having your own search bar on the computer

@patience That's always a possibility so every tool we use should be re-examined from time to time. It's nice if trust remained the same, but such is the world

@patience @cypnk there are still other search engines and meta-search engines to flee to if that happens (startpage, searx [a bunch of instances], and probably stuff i'm not aware of)

@cypnk Also remember their motto was "don't be evil"?

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