TIL This prototype from exists

And I think I really need it

Maybe not to buy, but might be a good project with my old Thinkpads

@cypnk I would definitely use this, and am considering how to make it with hardware I have (I def have enough laptops)...

@seven The hinges will probably give you the most trouble since they need power and signal, but can’t be too far from the source. Maybe instead of a ribbon cable, turn the signal to a proper VGA link that the OS will recognize as an attached monitor?

@cypnk I need to look into this more deeply I have at least 20 doing nothing but getting dusty...

@cypnk If it doesn't silently and wetly unfurl itself from its folded form like a glistening and sinister insect, then deposit a cool pair of mirrorshades on its unapproachably cool operator's nose, can it really be worth it? 🕶️

@cypnk I was going to say, that looks like three ThinkPads, four Galaxy Tabs and five pounds of hot glue.

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