@cypnk Aren't basically all those in that distributed icon pack I can't think of the name of presently? Font Awesome?

@seven I haven’t been up to date on what’s available on Font Awesome, but I haven’t seen “Oreos” anywhere else

@cypnk Agreed, I think some of those do exist in FA though, I mean they have like 7200 or so in their proset

@seven Holy smokes! Now I definitely need to do a browse through again

bothering you with toki pona.. 

@cypnk just being silly.. Also .. like two things are both moku(eat) and lipu(flat) but no way to do them at once... But lipu in the second type of hieroglyphs, is the box, (like pu, which is the toki pona book, it's symbol reads that.) So coud put moku lipu(pan, soweli, pan) with between parenthesis above each other.

Hieroglyphs are cool. Phonetic writing just halves what you have to remember, you still have to remember the sounds 😜. (also english screws it's relation to the sounds up..)

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