While eagerly awaiting season 2, I took a browse over at the subreddit

While there are sprinkles of others, it’s become the personal playground of daily fanart for a single user. There are whole pages nothing but their works. It’s great that people are enthusiastic in their fandom, but it’s a tad disheartening when one person’s work dominates group spaces like this

@cypnk it doesn't seem to be them spamming though, it's one a few days... i thought yurucamp was big overseas?

@valerauko It’s huge, but the fandoms are distributed across Twitter and Facebook for the most part

Might not be spamming, but it does give the impression it’s mostly one person posting

@cypnk There are actually two subreddits about Yuru Camp, with being the larger one. Never figured out which one could be considered the "official" one, and their user bases seem to be different too.

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