@cypnk haha, 10/10 i couldn't look away. The look on their faces in the car 馃槀

@cypnk I didn't know I needed this in my life, but now that its here I'm so happy. 馃槀

@chuck @cypnk Story time with Amolith

I was at dinner in the university cafeteria with some friends. One of then had a really hot hot sauce that had ghost peppers in it. Of course I had to try it. I put some on my finger then wiped it on my tongue. It burned. It was hot. Really hot. But I've had hotter. They said I should wash that finger off so I don't accidentally touch my eye. I say I'll be fine, I'll remember not to, etc.

Famous last words

The sauce is hot enough that my eyes start watering so I reach up to wipe the tears away before they start falling. It fucking *hurt*. I was good after about 20 minutes but *damn* it was bad at the beginning

@cypnk it鈥檚 like the first 5 seconds of an As seen On TV as, but it just keeps going

@cypnk *reply all* please do not reply all

*reply all to that reply all* please don't do that

[impromptu load test of email infrastructure begins here]

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