The future is here

I ran out of character space trying to type out the caption in Amaroq

@cypnk lmao! if your child is using discord, call the police immediately!

@adasauce @cypnk hi, police? my child is getting hot wallhacking tips in discord. how do I convince him to let me join his server.

@cypnk also that reminds me I need to finish curating a list of educational-ish and open source games and software for young kids.

@jordan31 This is a superb idea! We need this kind of resource now more than ever since systems have become more opaque

@cypnk thanks, and I agree. Not to mention most tend to be free so that would be a relief for some people who are interested in exploring teaching in different methods.

@cypnk gotta make sure your child doesn't learn things!

@cypnk @galaxis “If your child is doing all these things, invest in their startup fund.”

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