@cypnk Their repertoire is pretty solid, but I wonder if it's starting to get dated.

@cypnk i learned it and i feel like while it gives you so much, it takes away so much. i actually regret learning it. id rather use javascript frankly.

@davidpgil I missed out a lot of Python dev stuff because my work is really more of C#. My personal projects are mostly PHP

But since I'm probably going to use an ESP32 microcontroller for my word processor, I may run MicroPython on it

@cypnk i havew to admit, if you need to do something weird, you can probably do it in python. i just feel kind of dirty after using it. kind of like asking a child to mine coal for me. 馃槀

@strypey @cypnk my understanding is while both have their niche, over the years they have both kearned how to be used for very similar things. im no expert though. i just dont like how python makes things a bit too easy.

@strypey @cypnk for #javascript; #nodejs, for #python; #django the latter i know very little about, but i do know it makes python useable for web stuff. also javascript-like syntax is used in many other ecmascript based languages; typescript, extendscript, etc... python syntax is pretty unique in that to my knowledge, only oython uses it. by the way, both languages have loads of libraries that can be used for mist anything u can think of.

@cypnk hate how there is no perfect programming language to suggest.

Personally like Python, though. That said, it's binary should be much closer too 1MB, like lua(jit)s. (and some other stuff...)

@jasper I鈥檓 probably going to start slowly and eventually learn about database connectivity and such. Probably very few external libs at first

@cypnk hmm actually thats my list of languages I want to learn

@jordan31 @cypnk
For me it's AWK and SED. I've dibbled and dabbled in both of them but I want to master them.

@cypnk everyone should. Even if they don't want to. I know I started using it..... only because of the libraries. I was a Perl guy :-)
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