I think people keep putting things on the Internet, that don’t belong there, because it sounds too innocuous

Let’s rename it to CYBERFOREST

Exactly like that

“You wouldn’t let your baby monitor stay exposed to the CYBERFOREST”

@cypnk just start calling the entire internet the Dark Web, it'll be effective and hilarious

"Your baby monitor shouldn't be connected to the Dark Web"

"Going out for coffee with a cute girl I met on the Dark Web"

"These fruit snacks I ordered from the Dark Web are delicious, wanna try?"

@xenofem @cypnk well, I do use Dark Reader, so it is sort of a dark web...

@xenofem @cypnk Mastodon is the dark web. Just look at the site. What color is it? Dark.

@cypnk 'he pitched up a small bulletin board in the CYBERFOREST asking for help on refining his kimchi recipes' sounds awesome :flan_cheer:

shit post 

@cypnk For trolls there's a manual called "How to shit in the CYBERFORREST"...

@cypnk gonna go forage for mushrooms in the CYBERFOREST hope I don’t hallucinate and die

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