@cypnk sometimes in cmd you have to press down to get to a previously run command. Fucks me up like 95% of the time.

history | grep 'something that might have been in the command'

@cypnk Me:
% grep CHEZ ~/.zhistory|tail -2|head -1|tee pbcopy
CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS=thunderchez-trunk: ./sdltest.ss

@cypnk Does "Ctrl-R" work on the windows shell ? The Tshirt on the cartoon is a DOS prompt

@kat I rarely use the command line on Windows so I haven鈥檛 used it much personally. Sometimes, the arrows are just easier to reach

@cypnk @specter@mastodon.technology
I wish it was that simple.
Alt+n, Alt+p, if you're testing a python script on IDLE
Ctrl+up, Ctrl+down, if you're using DrRacket

@cypnk >Not running Bash on WSL

history | grep <command> is the real way to go.

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