@cypnk I mean, I try to do that whenever possible! runyourown.social/ is just html/css! 900kb of pngs, 30kb of html/css

@cypnk @henryseg There is also an academic paper about the design of their triple meshed gears and how to construct a drive axle for them. arxiv.org/abs/1304.6859

@th@social.v.st @cypnk@mastodon.social @henryseg@mathstodon.xyz I have no idea what I'm looking at (okay, triple meshed gears) but omg it's beautiful and I want to see those gears moving.

I wonder if this can actually be implemented with rubber wheels...

@rick_777 Depends on the type of polymer, but I don't see why at least the larger cogs couldn't be done. They'll need to be much bigger since it's easier to invert larger ones than tiny ones

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