@cypnk this is a pretty hot take. im not working 10 hours a day at home because of the pandemic and dont see a cent more

@cypnk at least now i feel like im being useful. it would be more useful i feel if we just started finding people say that randsomware fetal care monitoring devices this morning and shoot them in the face tho

@cypnk naw they moved me and other people at work to protect the medical equipment we protect for hospitals because people are attacking it more in the last few days. whoever is doing this shit deserves it

@cypnk the realler the job the less prestige and pay...

@cypnk I woke up like 10 minutes ago and this sentence broke my brain for longer than I'd like to admit

@cypnk aye, this whole crisis is really making apparent which jobs are necessary for a functioning society and which are just bullshit to stimulate the economy

@GreenandBlack @cypnk really wish my boss would stop pretending that we provide some vital fucking service. We don't. It's fucking useless garbage for upper middle class old people. Pretty sure one of my customers hiding in a bunker rn.

@witchfynder_finder @cypnk Good grief, the white tears in this thread were incredible. You'd think people could understand their own contributions but instead of was so much crying about the arts and disability lawyers working from home. Like good for you Pam, this wasn't about you but it sure is now

@cypnk It's almost like capitalism will make up useless jobs just to ensure the working class doesn't have the time to think about ways to improve their lives... :blobhyperthink:

@KitsuneAlicia @cypnk by separating the actual workers from the upper middle-class managers and the middle-class knowledge workers (the ones who don't have to get their hands dirty, except with ethics)

@cypnk i have a fake job, but i'm a freelancer, so no pay

but also no time for memes, cuz i have to take care of my daughter

@cypnk yep. tho not sure about where school system falls in this. was working in a school and ready to front line with children but (thank fuck) they shut us down


@cypnk And folks without jobs are triply screwed.

Fun to be a lumpenprole right now. Heaps fun. /s

@cypnk I’m reclaiming it. Instead of saying it, most just say nothing now. Or some euphemism with a condescending smirk. Unpersons. The invisible. The unwashed.

@cypnk my job is fake? that... honestly makes a lot of sense.

@cypnk they literally said employees can’t wear mask because it would worry customers. This is the definition of profit being more important than people.

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