@Shufei In these times, it's good to have a bit of levity

(Speaking of... my adventures in lightening the wood stove continues)

@Shufei Mostly tinkering with the fire grate to bring down that gigantic hunk of steel to under 50 metric tons

It's the final iteration since the last time we had a chat about wood stoves

@cypnk Haha, they do get heavy, don鈥檛 they? My next stove will definitely be a titanium affair with a glass pane.

@cypnk That vertical baffle isn鈥檛 going to be a pain to keep well drafted? How do you start it without smoke going everywhere?

What programme did you use to make these designs? It looks nice.

@Shufei The baffle turned out to be simpler than I thought. The trick is to start with a very small fire with the side vents open, which creates a horizontal vortex. It draws the smoke up very nicely. That's another reason I needed to make the grate shorter and smaller. Helps with vortex generation

I used OpenSCAD, which does the rendering via a scripting language instead of mouse clicks. I followed these tutorials to get started: en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD

@cypnk Ohhh... Oh! Yes, I see it now. Wow, that is an interesting effect, a rolling horizontal fire vortex. I鈥檓 surprised it starts off like that. When will you build it, do you reckon?

@Shufei Oh gosh, so many things happened this year. I was hoping to get it built and fired by first snowfall, but it doesn't seem likely in 2020. Maybe by late next year, if I'm able to save again

@cypnk Indeed, this is a year we all must just... bumble along as best we can. Whether next or in ten, I hope to keep following your efforts.

@cypnk As other languages with this character of building together new words by stringing existing words together.

Hungarian, Esperanto and many other languages which I don't know have this ability.

@fantazo @cypnk if you string together every single word in the german language in the right order, it forms the true name of Hans from Stuttgart and prevents him from explaining linux to people unless explicitly asked

@cypnk Sehr witzig! Unfortunately the English translation of that won't feature words that long, but my kids will appreciate more.

@cypnk someone who speaks German, please tell me it's just a joke and it doesn't actually make sense.

@mishoo (Note: Not a native German speaker) It is indeed a *massive* exaggeration and a joke

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