@KitsuneAlicia @cypnk aka: how many exceptions does it take before a "rule" becomes a joke #ebeforei

@KitsuneAlicia @cypnk ROFL:
"Some words are exceptions under some versions of the rule but not others"


aka: this rule is iust total BS

@KitsuneAlicia @cypnk Woot! I made a point about Irish: "Other words, such either, may or may not be exceptions depending on both which version of the rule is used and how an individual pronounces them"

@uuim @KitsuneAlicia What the heck?! It鈥檚 not even a rule. Every teacher who taught me this was a nincompoop

@uuim @KitsuneAlicia @cypnk in my brain it's "I before E except when it isn't and if I care I'll use a spellchecker."

@cypnk while he's in the middle of a seizure.

@cypnk we should just replace every instance of ei or ie with its own letter tbh

@cypnk this. This will be an artifact of my future child's upbringing. They will be grown adults and come home to visit, and they will glance up at it when they open the cabinet and cringe ever so slightly. "God Mom You're So Embarassing." This is the best timeline.

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