Facom K150. The LT version came out in 1989. It had a MC68030 @ 16MHz and 8MB RAM. The HDD was either 330MB or 405MB depending on the Model 10 or 30 version of this. The earlier non-LT had 540MB max

Looking at the keyboard of the F150, it occurs to me just how much functionality there was. Spaces are used in Japanese, but they're less important than additional character accessibility so you have extra keys for that

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@cypnk imagine what sort of battery life you could cram into that case with modern batteries.

@cypnk I find myself wondering where the mouse lived when it was all folded down.

@penguin42 I think that's an accessory that didn't stay attached. This is the G-150LT and there's definitely no room on the machine for a mouse

@cypnk I bet someone tried to design a mouse hole in and got rejected :-)

@penguin42 That's the most likely case. When competitors are plenty (espeically back in the late 80s - early 90s), first to market is the priority

@dheadshot Looks a bit like Windows 1.0. Later versions had the two up/down arrows on the top right hand corner of windows. Also those scroll arrows look very similar to early Windows

Can't be Windows 1 as it has overlapping windows. Windows 1 was tiled only.

@dheadshot Well I did say looks a bit like it. It's entirely possible this was a custom demo of some sort. Or even no software at all and just a graphic overlay

@cypnk @dheadshot It looks like it *could* be GEM. Early FACOMs ran CP/M, and GEM was available on 68k (most notably Atari TOS used a customised GEM GUI).

I could be completely wrong. It does look gorgeous and I want one though ;)

Amazing. These seem to be pretty exotic, Japanese market only? Do you know what operating system Fujitsu used? Was it a variant of OSIV/X8?

@kurtgeis Most likely Japanese market only as I haven’t seen any sales ads in any other language. Not sure of the OS, but likely Windows 2.0 or similar

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